• IDEFFIE has become IDEFFIE by decision approved unanimously by the general assembly of membres on June 21st, 2018. The name expresses the fact that the association is intended to develop French and Francophone expertise in the world and in Europe. IDEFFIE has a network of members already present in 40 countries (see :
  • IDEFFIE and OECD organise a webinar on May 24th, 2019 on Global Competency, after the publication by IDEFFIE of Global Competency: What is the francophone approach of this still emerging concept still and which analysis can it be proposed of it ? :  Our studies, contributions
  • Expertise policy and practice of the World Bank: the fragile states. IDEFFIE is organizing a business breakfast with Olivier Lavinal, Manager, Fragility and Conflict, World Bank, on Septembre 4th, 2018.
  • Publication of the three last business breakfast reports on « Education, Training and Employment: strategy and means of intervention of AFD« , held on March 20th, 2018, « Is there a Chinese project beyond Kingdom (middle ) ? » held on April 13th, 2018 and « A case of expertise strategy: the support by Ecole Nationale d’administration to the reform of the Egyptian administration » held on May 28th, 2018. Those documents are available in the Events section: The breakfast debates of IDEFFIE.
  • Publication of a critical review about DEVCO selection and management of external expertise, written by specialists, members of IDEFFIE. This review is available in the Production and resources section: Our studies, contributions
  • The conclusion of the Framework Agreement for cooperation between IDEFFIE and Senghor University of Alexandria to carry out common actions in the field of Francophone expertise.
  • On May 2014, IDEFFIE organized the « Days on the urban expertise » in Hanoï (Viet Nam), a three-day event welcoming various speakers from France, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The contributions presented during this event are now available on this website. You can access them by clicking on the following link: Days on the urban expertise.

An initiative for the development of French expertise, internationally and in Europe.

Expertise, the sharing of experience and knowledge, constitutes the basis of the birth and success of projects. A complex facility cannot be built without engineering, prior calculations and support. Likewise, public reforms cannot be carried out without them being conceived, identified and their implementation being organized. Identification, information, drafting, formation, support, measure, control, evaluation… are essential steps that constitute expertise.
Expertise, when it is used for the benefit of fragile or less developed countries, crisis or post-crisis regions, incidentally remains the last field on which developed countries can show a comparative advantage today, when the help of Northern countries – when it takes the form of loans or when conditions are attached to it – remains rare and is challenged by other forms of funding.
The big 2015 and post-2015 issues (Development Finance, Sustainable Development Goals, fight against climate change) assert the need for the capacity to mobilize women and men who are ready to share their experience of public policies and their analytical capacity to formulate policies and implement development projects.

Promoting get-togethers

IDEFFIE organizes regular meetings between its members and experts from various disciplines, themes, countries, actors of international technical cooperation. These meetings are carried out in the form of monthly breakfast debates in Paris, with the possibility of an internet live interaction for those who cannot physically attend, as well as roadshows of the issues and methods of expertise in various places in France and all over the world.
Every now and then, the association organizes a seminar on topics we feel particularly relevant. In 2014, an important event organized by IDEFFIE and dedicated to the issues of urban development took place in Hanoï (Vietnam). The contributions made on this event are available on this website.
IDEFFIE members are welcome to contribute in the suggestion of events. A selection of events in which they participate or that they recommend is to be presented on this website.

Other resources on the international expertise

The international expertise is a major stake, for both France and its recipients. Therefore, many reports handed to public authorities the last 15 years have multiplied recommendations. The founding of Expertise France comes from one of this reports. IDEFFIE presents an access to those reports and to recommendations. It enables members to follow other contributions, international ones as well as independent ones (universities).
For France’s partners – States and communities that want to fulfil their development ambitions, move beyond crisis, rebound, accompany poverty reduction policies or, for the most developed ones, make their reforms a success – the expertise provides knowledge and more to the experience of public policies.
For emerging countries, rich countries in transition and even for developing countries with access to diversified financial resources, the expertise represents the positive contribution they are expecting from the most developed countries.
For international institutions, its mobilization usefully completes limited intern resources. Links towards the websites of major development banks which resort to expertise are available here.
For France, the international mobilization of expertise and its projection in response to the huge demand represent means of sharing and solidarity that contributes to the SDGs, set out by the United Nations and implemented by different institutions including the European Union. It also represents a vector of influence to implement public policies and institutions strengthening the links with France’s partners. On this website you will find opportunities coming from the main public and private operators.

Opportunities – job offers

IDEFFIE publishes specific job offers or projects. You can also check the section concerning market players of the international expertise. In accordance with its mission of “network of networks”, IDEFFIE facilitates the contact between experts and public and private operators. To preserve the confidentiality of exchanges, we don’t publish any name. Experts or interested operators can contact us via the form posted in the “contact us” section in order to get more information about the offer. Eventually, this service will be provided to members only. We also publish internship demands and offers. Those offers are intended to students that are considering working in the field of international expertise.
IDEFFIE can’t be held responsible for any late application, especially when deadlines are not given by the operators.